I’ve commented previously that included in our “stuff” needing to be liquidated, are a certain number of vehicles. I was not specific earlier, probably out of embarrassment that two people could own so many “vehicles”. Here are the specifics… our Bounder motor home, a Ford Expedition, a Honda Civic, a Mazda Miata, ANOTHER Mazda Miata, a 66 Mustang, a Honda Goldwing motorcycle, a Jeep Cherokee,  a motorcycle trailer AND and a car trailer.

Yesterday, we sold one of our Miatas. And it was not without some emotion. Although we only owned it a short time, it is a wonderful sports car that brought us great enjoyment that included a road trip to camp and fish in Colorado shortly after its purchase in 2011, pulling a small motorcycle trailer. But we had to sell it as part of our Escape Plan. So, in the end, somebody got this great car, and we have enhanced our “Escape” bank account. Next?

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