And the Beat Goes On

I know you are probably tiring of my Ebay rants, but I continue to be amazed at the relative ease it is to convert things you no longer want or need into cash for those things or expenditure you DO want or need. In my case, I have two basic questions that I ask myself. First, I ask how long have I had this item? Second, I ask what is the probability that I’m ever going use it as I originally intended.

Maybe I’m unusual. Probably. Or maybe there was a time when money came more easily for me than it does today. I was able to buy more “stuff”. Whatever and however, the fact is that Sharon and I are focused on our Great Escape. And a great part of that is getting rid of stuff that we no longer want, need or expect to use. EBay is a perfect vehicle for selling, if the selling of certain of your stuff makes sense. I say “makes sense” because you really should be fairly certain that you’re okay with getting rid of something BEFORE putting it on EBay.

Update: HOLY MOLY!! I’ve sold four significant items in the last 4 days or so. Once everything is shipped and delivered, my proceeds will be “available” in my Paypal account Woohoo! With these things plus additional items I’ve listed or have identified to be listed, I may pay for my motorhome solar project ENTIRELY from Ebay sales of stuff I no longer used, needed or wanted. Isn’t this a wonderful country. 🙂

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