Ebay is my Friend

Like so many of us, we have a lot of stuff to get rid of in preparation for our Great Escape life on the road in search of Sunrises and Sunsets. I in particular have lots of items in my man cave. I’ve always been into cars. As a result, I’ve begun taking inventory of saleable items that I need to get rid of, and which others can use.

Several days ago, almost as a test, I put one of my items on EBay. It was a piece of electronic equipment that I had originally purchased with the intent of installing on one of our Miatas that we recently sold. Although I had listed this equipment on a Miata forum “for sale”, it wasn’t selling. And worse, folks were trying to get my price lowered beyond what was reasonable. Finally, when a “buyer” who was already getting a great price, could not accept my counter representing an additional $10, I finally gave up and posted the item on EBay.

For those that have never sold anything on EBay, let me just say that it is easy and fees that EBay charges depending on the item being sold, are quite reasonable. In a future article, I’m planning on detailing exactly how to sell stuff on EBay. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, my item sold on EBay in a little more tha 12 hours. This was after futzing around trying to sell it on that other forum for over a month. Not only did it sell quickly, but it sold for $75 more than the price I had been “negotiating” on that other forum.

Based on my success, as you can imagine I’m REALLY looking closely at other items I have to get rid of. Ebay is perfect for converting things not being used to cash. Just last night, I put another item on EBay. I’m sure it will sell, and I’ve already decided that along with other “stuff” that I have to sell, the proceeds are going to pay for my planned solar system for the motor home. Woohoo!



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