Season Change

Officially, summer is gone. Unofficially, we’re still in the mid 90s here in the High Desert of S. California. I cannot wait for cooler temperatures. I’m starting into our solar install on the Bounder. It will make work a little more comfortable. I ordered the initial collection of panels today and received an email awhile ago indicating that my order “shipped”. Wow! That’s fast. The charge controller will be ordered next.

We are planning a trip up 395 to do some boondocking for a few days AFTER I finish our solar system. Maybe around Thanksgiving if we can get it done that quickly. When you have one foot in retirement, and the other still working, things donAlabama Hills‘t happen so quickly. Being self-employed gives us some latitude for things so we’ll see how it goes. It would be a great test for our new found source of power. I’m thinking maybe the Alabama Hills area, outside of Lone Pine. There’s been so much written about this area by fellow bloggers and, even though we have been there, we have not camped there. And it’s only about 170 miles.

We are also interested in tripping down to the Anza-Borrego area south of Palm Springs. Maybe 3-5 days sometime between January and February. Again, many full-timers mention the beauty ananza-borregod solitude of the southern desert. Although we have passed through the area on road trips in cars and on motorcycles, we have not done any dispersed camping there in our Bounder.

Well, at least I have some goals. A project and some RVing. Tis the season.

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