“Stuff” = Solar

Everybody that has envisioned a Great Escape, a life on the road in an RV, has had to deal with getting rid of “stuff”. We’re in the throes of this task at the moment, and into the foreseeable future. We have to do it. It’s part of the plan.

Recently, I’ve mentioned that Ebay can be helpful in converting stuff to cash. At the moment, I have over $1,000 worth of items for sale on Ebay. This has all happened within the past week based, in part, on my immediate success last week with one item that sold almost immediately.

The things I have listed at the moment are automotive related. They are each in excellent condition. In some cases, they are new. Stuff I had purchased along the way with real purpose and intent. But somehow life got in the way and these things have been sitting, waiting to be incorporated into some future project that is still in the future. The fact is, they have been sitting on a shelf in our local storage unit for a long time. When you are planning your Great Escape, the object of the game is to minimize stuff that’s going into the storage unit, particularly stuff that is not likely to EVER be used.

So, it occurred to me, if I sell it on Ebay, I can use the proceeds to offset the cost of my motorhome Solar project AND reduce my storage inventory. Sounds like a win-win to me.

And now I’m really getting excited. I know this stuff is going to sell. It’s just a matter of time and/or negotiation of price. It’s certainly better than having it sit in storage. And the really great thing is that I’m finding more and more “stuff” that also might be saleable on Ebay. Anybody need a Jimi Hendrix LP record?

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