Bogie and Other Things

Well, I’ve run into a roadblock in conjunction with installing the solar panels. Maybe not a roadblock. More like a detour. I’m frustrated only because I was supposed to be further along with this project. But then I got to thinking, according to who? Me? What else is new? Anyway, my original plan was to simply screw the aluminum brackets to the RV roof, and then seal/caulk everything to keep water out. Well, although I knew from the beginning that my rubberized roof had a hollow-core underlayment, I guess I was filled with wishful thinking that the outer portion plywood would be thick enough to hold the screws tight. Although that was the case for several screws, some would just strip out. That was not going to be good enough. So, I had to re-think things and come up with a more “solid” plan, which I’m hoping I have done. I’ll know shortly and report back.

In the meantime, I want to talk a little bit about Bogie, our silkie terrier, and the love Bogie in Bedof our life. He’s not just a companion. He really is a member of our “family”. This is evidenced, in part, by the fact that he has his own blog page here. He nearly goes everywhere with us. Whether it is a day-trip, a longer road trip, or just a commute to work, he’s always with us. Because we own a small business, he is our shop dog. He loves people, so he thinks that anyone that comes to our place of business is coming to see him.

Bogie is quite intelligent. And I say that having owned several dogs previously. Although they too were smart in their own way, Bogie is FAR smarter. He’s nearly human. But there is a peculiarity that he evidences that we have not been able to resolve. Call it a quirk.

Let’s say we are driving in the car, any car. We will be driving around town, maybe to work, maybe not. For most of any trip, Bogie will ride on the armrest between the front seats. But there are times when he will jump down from the armrest to the floor board of the front passenger area. Then he will make a u-turn and climb back up to the armrest and pass to the backseat. He will turn around and do this same “lap” several times. Sometimes MANY times.

He usually does it as we approach a specific area. Maybe a specific street, or as we approach a bridge that crosses over a dry riverbed. Most of the “specific” streets happen to be streets that run in a north-south direction. And our direction when he does this running of laps is when we are going north, not south.

So, I know you’re thinking that he is familiar with those specific locations. That may be true, which on its own may speak to a certain level of intelligence. But let me put a twist on things. Lets say that there is a specific stretch of street on which he starts doing his lap routine. Generally, I would drive across the valley on a certain boulevard until I get to this particular street and I make a right turn after which Bogie starts his routine. NOW, let’s say I drive 30 miles down the freeway and return after a couple of hours. Bogie has accompanied me. When we exit the freeway upon our return, we cross over the freeway and make the right turn onto this particular street. Bogie immediately starts his “laps” as always. Different route, same street.

Here’s another example. For several years, we would turn onto a street leading to our home. It’s a north-south street, but we are traveling south. Every time we would turn onto this major road, Bogie starts his laps as we approach our neighborhood. Recently, we moved. We still live off of the same “road”, but 5 miles further north. It’s not a section of this road that Bogie is “familiar” with. And now, we approach our new home from the north end, heading south. After 1-2 miles we turn left into our neighborhood. After only ONE trip on this unfamiliar stretch of road, Bogie began his laps until we reached our house. He does it everyday now.

I would LOVE to know how he knows.  Any ideas?

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