Guest Blogger Alert

Hey boys and girls, we’re gonna have our first guest blogger soon. Her name is Ginamarie. She’s someone I recently met and, WOW, does she have a story to tell. I don’t want to spill her beans, but it’s a “solo woman” topic with a twist or two. Here’s a little intro…

So, this little munchkin of a woman comes into our store the other day. Hair’s a bit “confused”.  Within a moment or so, it became clear to me why her hair was askew. She had just removed her helmet. She was riding one of two motorcycles she owns. No great shock in this day and age. My wife and I each ride motorcycles. I believe she is hearing impaired. Not sure to what extent. It certainly didn’t slow her down any.

Because of the nature of why she was in our store, and the engraved plate she was needing to nail to a tree in Colorado, it opened the door for a discussion of the fact that last December she lost her husband to cancer. It was at this time of the year when her husband and his “buds” would head for Colorado to go hunting. Several years ago, one of them had passed away and they posted a remembrance plaque on a tree. Now, they wanted to do the same thing for her husband.

But the story doesn’t end there.  And at this point, you will have to wait until she can jump in and tell you her story “in her own words”. Stay tuned.

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