Mornings and Morning Walks

I’ve always been a morning person. Unfortunately, I’m also a night person. But I do better in the early morning through midday. And, although I don’t do it near enough, I love walking in the early morning, within the first hour or so after sunrise. For the most part, everything is quite. Nature seems to be just getting going. I look forward to our coming days on the road, sometimes staying in areas we’ve been to before but staying without the rush. With lots of time for early morning walks, and other walks for that matter.

Here at home, we live in a neighborhood that you might describe as “hilly”. Nothing too strenuous. Maybe just enough slope for your heart to say “this is different”. But even here, a morning walk can be enjoyable, complete with pine trees. Not a forest by any stretch. We live in the desert after all. But decades ago, pine trees and others were planted in and around, such that today there are many. At least in our area. And, with pine trees, if there is a gentle breeze so much the better.

We also have a bit of a view that comes and goes as you walk. Primarily of the valley, it is backed up by the mountains that separate us from the Greater Los Angeles basin. These mountains include Mt. Badly, at 10,000 feet and, not so visible from our vantage point, Mt. San Gregornio, at 11,000 feet. It won’ be much longer before these peaks and mountains will be snow covered, drought or no drought. Then the morning walks get more spectacular. Not the Tetons or Cascades, but very pretty nonetheless.

Aside from the views, another reason I like early morning walks is the coolness of the air. No matter what the temperature is scheduled to be later in the day, particularly here in the desert, it is almost always nice and cool in the early morning. Cool is good. If I can wear a long-sleeved shirt and sweat pants, and not break a sweat going up and down slopes, it’s just cool enough, and makes me want to do it again…maybe tomorrow.

And of course, early morning walks are a great time for thinking if your alone. And a great time for talking if your not. How are the morning walks where you are?


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2 Responses to Mornings and Morning Walks

  1. Gay and Joe says:

    Early morning walks are the best walks especially when it’s a hike!
    Thanks for checking out good-times-rollin!

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Thank YOU for visiting our blog. We totally agree with you about morning hiking and can hardly wait.

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