Random Ramblings

Say THAT 10 times real fast. The choice of title is related to my not having any particular topic in mind. Sometimes I just want to throw things out there that have no seeming connectivity.

Here’s a random thought…how come in all the blogs I’ve read so far, there is seldom, if ever, any mention of fishing? Am I reading the wrong blogs? It’s hard to believe that RVers, who tend to love the great outdoors, and who like activities related to travel and our natural resources, would not have a percentage of fisherpersons, particularly among retirees. Then I stumbled on a potential reason for a lack of fish stories and photos of the ones that DIDN’T get away. It occurred to me that each state has its own fees for fishing licenses, and all of the state’s seem to invoke stiff fees for non-residents. Since virtually ALL RVers are “non-residents”, adding fishing to the traveling itinerary could be fairly expensive for most. So, is that the reason?

Here’s another rambler…I am truly amazed at the number of solo full-timers that are “live’n the dream”. And I’m in awe of the large contingent of solo women out there. From what I can tell, these are courageous, fiercely independent folks, akin to sailing solo across the ocean. Wow! And, in most cases, they’ve been out there roaming around for years. And loving it.

Here’s another…I’ve noticed that there are quite a few east coasters and southerners that have made it out west. This in addition to westerners who seem to also travel throughout the west, southwest, northwest and everywhere in between. Is anybody heading east? Or have I somehow hooked up with the “Go West” portion of the full-timing RV world?

And finally, at least for now, it seems to me that the whole full-timer community is in the Tetons…or in Oregon. Why is that? And if it’s related to the rugged coastal beauty, or the majesty of mountains and greenery of the forests, why do these same trekkers head south to the barren deserts with a slight change in weather? Actually, I’m being facetious. The real answer is because they can, and we can hardly wait to join them.



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2 Responses to Random Ramblings

  1. Ginamarie says:

    As I get ready to embark on my solo motorcycle tour, I learned that there are many solo women travelers and look up at them for inspiration. Also what is interesting is that I thought it would be the men who gives me a hard time about traveling solo but it is my women’s friend who give me the hardest time about it.

    Traveling solo gives you extra hiccups to worry about but there are a large community of overlander that are willing to help a fellow traveler.

  2. sunrisesandsunsets says:

    Howdy! Glad you found our site. I noticed you did not “subscribe” (upper right of the page). I’d sure appreciate it if you did. Also, I’m interested in your story as a post to our blog if you are interested. Send me an email. The address is on your receipt.

    Ya, as I tried to describe, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of solo women out there, whether by RV or bike. Some even living out of a variety of vehicles other than what would be traditionally classified as “RV”.

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