Deal’n with Dealers…Not!

In my last post, I mentioned our excitement because we were about to go look at a Jeep that we hoped would serve as our Toad. Well, as it turned out, literally on the eve of driving nearly 100 miles down into “The Valley” north of L.A., I noticed that our seller had other Jeeps listed in the “By Owner Only” section. No offense intended, but this section of Craigslist is NOT for dealers. They have their own section. In fact, depending on the buyer’s perogitive, they can choose to select a third search criteria, which is “All”. This would include individual private-party sellers, as well as dealers. In our case, we specifically chose “By Owner Only”. We did not want to deal with dealers for a number of reasons.

Over the years, we have bought and sold on Craigslist. In spite of some of its “problems”, as well as the so-called “CL flakes” that one has to deal with A LOT, Craigslist performs a great service and has been useful for us. But this guy was being devious by not representing himself as a dealer, or at least “dealing” in previously-owned Jeeps. He had at least 3 Jeeps listed at the same time, each one with a different adjacent city as to location…same phone number. And to top it off, when we got to getting his location for showing the car, the address was on a boulevard known for being entirely commercial, as opposed to residential; particularly made up of used car dealers.

In the end, we presumed that if he was going to “deal” in this manner with us, he would also misrepresent the vehicle. So, we passed. We’re still Jeepless, aside from our non-running 91 Cherokee. That’s a whole ‘nother story.

But the hunt continues. We have decided to zero in on 4×4 Jeep Libertys. They are relatively light, have a V-6 and are towable with good reports among RVers. We may have found one to go look at this weekend…unless he turns out to be a dealer. 🙂

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