Toad-ally Awesome

I guess you could say that we have always been Jeep people. In the past, we have had either Cherokees, or a variant, Laredo. Even now, we have a 1991 Cherokee. Unfortunately, due to neglect and a bunch of other reasons, our Cherokee has been ruled out as the “Toad” that we will utilize as part of our Great Escape. Although it will ultimately be sold, and make a great off-road vehicle for someone, it has passed the point of being a reliable Toad and dependable daily driver without putting considerable additional money into what would still be a 24 year old vehicle.

At the other end of the  “toad” spectrum, would be a new or nearly new Jeep. However, we are not in a position to go out and buy a new or nearly new Jeep. For one reason, we do not want to tie up significant financial resources in any vehicle that starts depreciating the moment it leaves the showroom. And financing such a purchase is out of the question. These days, and at this time in our life, we are about having no debt. Having a car payment is a no-no.

So, in our way of thinking that meant some form of compromise. We know we want something newer than what we have now and we knew we did not want something so new that financing would rear its ugly head. On that basis, we decided that whatever we wound up with would have to fit the following requirements: it would have to be a Jeep, cost $5,ooo or less, include 4-wheel drive, be a 6-cylinder versus 8 cylinder and, according to my money partner…it would be nice if it were “white”.

After more online research than I care to mention here, we looked exhaustively at classic Cherokees, also referred to as “XJ”s. For one reason or another we just could not find one that would work for us. This lead to even further investigation and, ultimately, to a further refinement of our requirements to include that it would most likely be a Jeep “Liberty”. Jeep Libertys seem to be viewed favorably by RVers for towing, adequate power and being a 4×4.

After looking at quite a few Jeep Libertys online and asking questions of various sellers, we started communicating more and more with a gentleman about 100 miles from our home. His particular Jeep had been towed behind his motorhome for many years and was being sold with a Roadmaster/Sterling towbar setup; literally ready to plug in to the receiver on our motorhome.  After some online and phone negotiations, we drove the 100 miles yesterday to take a look at his 2002 Jeep Liberty and test drive it. The negotiated price had already been agreed to beforehand. Once we saw it and drove it, we and the Jeep were “sold”. This is what we brought home…

Side_BorderAfter driving it home, we are convinced that this is the perfect Toad for us. It has relatively low miles on the odometer, is WAY newer and in much better condition than our Jeep Cherokee and, at least at the moment, needs nothing. Woohoo!

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3 Responses to Toad-ally Awesome

  1. Pam Wright says:

    Great deal!! We have a white Jeep which we didn’t want at first. We wanted a dark color which wasn’t available. As we started thinking about the white and dirt from towing we liked the idea. The white never looks dirty!! You definitely need at least high clearance vehicle if you want to do any touring in the west. We have been to the neatest places where others can’t go in a “regular” car. We rarely ever have to use the four wheel drive but high clearance is a must! Smart of you not to take on debt for a car:)

  2. sunrisesandsunsets says:

    Thank you Pam! I’m sure we’re going to love this Liberty. Also, our solar project is essentially complete and in “testing”.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Looks like a keeper. Having a high clearance vehicle for those back country explorations is a must. Congrats 🙂

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