As I may have mentioned, after essentially finishing the Solar Project, for some reason that still is not clear to me I turned to a remodel of the rear bedroom in our Bounder. Although THIS project is now nearing completion, it included the laying of vinyl plank flooring which involves a fair amount of getting up and down and working on my knees. Aside from my age and requisite arthritis seemingly everywhere, did I mention that I have new knees within the last 4 years?

So, what does this have to do with walking you may ask? Well, prior to about 6 months ago, we lived in a Del Webb retirement community. And as part of the environment that such a community presented, combined with my need to walk as part of my “knees” rehabilitation, we used to walk routinely; generally a few miles per day. I felt great. And I like to walk.

Unfortunately, somehow and for no apparent reason, I fell into the trap of staying close to home since relocating to our conventional ranch-style home here in Apple Valley. In a previous post, when we first moved here, I mentioned getting out for early morning walks here in the neighborhood and the joy it gave me. Nevertheless, I stopped walking. For no reason really. Just always made other things the priority.

Working on this remodel has served to remind me that just “working” is not enough, and it certainly is not exercise. So, for the last several days, I have begun walking again. I have decided on a longer “course” for my walks, different from when I posted about my walks previously. This one has a combination of ascents, levels, descents, rinse and repeat. My “course” is about 1 1/2 miles. Very invigorating and quite scenic. This morning, thanks to recent storms thru the area, I was greeted with clear blue sky and quite a bit of snow covering the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains.

The surprising thing is that, even though it’s only been 3 days, I already am noticing a difference. My joints, particularly my hip joints, don’t seem to be as bothersome as they have been. Surprise! Surprise! 🙂

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  1. Pam Wright says:

    Good to hear you are out getting some exercise. Keeping fit is so important as we age. Once we got use to so many long bike trips and long hikes, I find it impossible to sit around any more. Keep up the good work:)

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