Catching Up

Sometime WAY back, I detailed here the work that I needed to accomplish as relates to the several (many) vehicles we have. As part of our Great Escape in 2016, we plan to sell these vehicles, all of which are marketable. For reference, I’m talking about a vintage Jeep Cherokee, a Mazda Miata sports car, a Ford Expedition and a vintage Honda Goldwing motorcycle and matching trailer.

When I first wrote about these vehicles several months ago,  except for the Miata, ALL were in some stage of repair. The motorcycle needed completion of the installation of new front fork seals and bushings, the brakes needed repair and/or bleeding (they weren’t working) and there was some suspicion that the on-board air compressor for the air suspension might not be working.

The vintage Jeep Cherokee (1991) was in need of a harmonic dampener, installation of the starter and whatever else required to get it started. Likewise, the Expedition had the Check Engine light on and had a rough idle. And, along the way, the air suspension compressor blew up.

And of course, all this work was required to be done during the time I was also designing and building the motorhome’s solar system, AND starting a interior remodel. The remodel is still begging the question “Why?” since the interior was really fine.

Well, I’m here to report that MUCH has been accomplished. And, frankly, I’m not sure how I managed to get so much done. The motorcycle is complete and in great conditon. The Expedition is fixed and running great, the Miata is presently on Craigslist for sale, and Most of the work is done on the Jeep…almost ready to see if it will start. And, if you have read my Solar Project page, “we have solar”. Woohoo!.

Now about that remodel…twin beds from uncomfortable queen, and vinyl plank flooring and new carpet throughout. 🙂

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3 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Ingrid says:

    I look forward to seeing the completed remodel 🙂

  2. Maple Valley gal says:

    Hi Ed!

    I left you a query on RVSue’s post “Dave Deacon campground…” under your comment there. Musta just missed you. Hope you have time. Thanks.

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      I am SO sorry that I have only now realized that you posted this question. I see you posted a comment on our blog quite some time ago. Yikes!

      We have only recently run into RV rig age discrimination, but that is only because we have not been out there RVing in quite some time. We ARE aware that this will be an issue with many or at least some RV parks. But that is why we want to be boondocking-ready. We would actually prefer to boondock anyway.

      Ironically, here in the High Desert of Southern California WHERE WE LIVE, we were out driving around in our car and dropped in to the Premier (not) RV park in our area. Believe me, it is really nothing special among RV parks. Anyway, we went into the office to make an inquiry and got to the point of them asking the year of our 32 foot Bounder. When we told them it was a 91, without having ANY interest in seeing it, they said “Oh, that’s too old to stay here” and then added, “Sorry, that’s the owners policy”. For the record, our motorhome is in showroom condition having been garaged most of its life. It must have been the miles. No, it only has 37,000 original miles.

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