Wired For Adventure

Earlier this year, we bought our Jeep Liberty in preparation for our Great Escape in 2016, if not sooner. Although we are not quite ready to “launch” the Bounder into parts unknown, we ARE ready for some kind of road/camping trip as a means of testing our newly retired “wings”, and also as a reward to ourselves for having survived the physical act of closing our business and all that that entails.

Many years ago, when we bought our Honda Goldwing motorcycle, it came with a trailer. It’s amazing if not ironic that most of our use of this trailer over the years has been as a vehicle towed behind a car more than the motorcycle for a variety of trips.

Although the Jeep came with a front tow hitch for connection to the motorhome AND with a new tow hitch on the rear, it was not wired at the rear for anything that might be towed behind the Jeep. So, my project for this past week was to run wires and a compatible plug that would allow our little motorcycle trailer to communicate with our Liberty toad when it came to things like, turn signals and tail and brake lights.

Wiring MC Trailer to JeepAnd, of course, it goes without saying that what should have taken a day or so, ate up most of the week what with chasing parts and other time wasting things. And the heat and thunderstorm activity in the area this past week did not help.

Even though it took longer than planned (what else is new), I’m happy to report we now have “communication” between Jeep and trailer. We’ve got it wired. 🙂

And not a minute too soon. This weekend, we’re off to Pismo Beach for a mini camping vacation. And then next month, we’re heading over to Colorado for more camping and some Jeeping in the high country. I can get used to this retirement stuff. Woohoo!

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  1. Pam Wright says:

    So…are you triple towing with the MH, Jeep, and then the trailer with the motorcycle?

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