It Never Happened

It’s been awhile since posting. That’s because we have been out for what, in the end, will be our month long equipment “test” trip. Solar, inverter, converter, etc. Most of our travels have been in beautiful Utah and Colorado, and mostly without internet. So no posts. And no photos. Oh, I have several posts drafted, which I will be posting in the coming days. But without photos. I’m completely distraught. This morning, in attempting to organize and edit all the photos taken so far, I somehow completely deleted one of two folders of photos representing a years worth of picture taking. This included the many photos taken on this trip. Aspens changing color, hiking trail photos, scenery, etc. No backup.

So…It never happened. Except in our memories.

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One Response to It Never Happened

  1. Dawn in MI says:

    That would be heartbreaking! I guess you’ll have to go back to all those places and duplicate them. That could be fun. (I’m over here from Box Canyon Blog.)

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