Quartzite 2016

Well, our first ever trip to “Quartzite” has come and gone. After 10 days, this morning we pulled out of our boondocking spot on BLM land out on Plomosa Rd., about 4 miles north of Quartzite. A week ago, we were one of the first to arrive for the Outside Our Bubble Quartzite Get-Together 2016. And today, we were one of the last to leave. In a word, it was a “BLAST”. For those that don’t know, Outside Our Part of Circle 1Bubble is the website and blog of David and Brenda Bott. I could write an entire post just about David and Brenda. Maybe several posts. They are wonderful people, and because the “Get-Together” was their baby, they were our hosts. They came up with the idea of inviting followers of their blog to gather in Quartzite. People who had never met each other. Just sign up online, committing to show up, and arrive a few days prior to the start of the “Big RV Show” that is held every January. Part of Circle 2Coming from every direction within the the U.S. and Canada, we had 38 RVs show up, of a number that had been a total of 45. Some people had to bow out at the last minute. Even so, we still had close to 80 people, mostly retired, and almost as many dogs and cats.

I cannot overstate how much of a good time we had. And, having talked with other attendees, I’m safe in saying others had a good time as well. The constant comment to David and Brenda was “are you going to do this again next year?”. And their answer was a resounding “yes”. With constant socializing in big and small groups as desired without anything being forced, to round table tech talks, to tours of each others rigs, to a GIANT potluck, to evening campfires, to outdoor evening movies on a 6 x 10 foot big screen, it just doesn’t get any better than this. WOW!!

Folks were free to pretty much do whatever they wanted. Go to the Big Show. Go Jeeping. Fly drones (quadcopters). Or sit around solving the worlds problems. Maybe even with a Bloody Mary or beer in your hand. It’s five o’clock somewhere. 🙂

Beer Belly BarThis photo is of the Beer Belly Bar at the Big Show. It is outdoors with a large selection of beer and wine and a live band. Plenty of seating and they serve food, or you can bring it in from any of the MANY food vendors throughout the show. Want a BBQ’d turkey leg or wood-fired oven pizza? No problem.

The show itself is HUGE. Lots to see, do and buy. You can’t see everything in one day. And in addition to the RV Show, there is also a Rock and Gem Show and a Ham Radio “fest”. There’s no end to events that take place in Quartzite during the “season”. As for us, we have a new rug for the hallway in the Bounder, as well as a combo pressure cooker, rice cooker and crock pot. Oh ya, and a cooktop griller thingy. And last, but not least, I got myself a Phantom 2 Vision + quadcopter. I’m a happy man.

One of the other opportunities that was provided by this get-together was a chance to make new friends. One of those friendships that we started was with Dave and Diane. Great people who have been on the road full-time for 3 years.

Diane and DaveThere have been others. David and Aurora, Curt and Toni, Jeff and Susan, Steve, Peter and Janna, John and Linda, Ken (the hot air balloon pilot) and his wife and, of course, DAVID and BRENDA, as well as several more who I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Those that have been on the road for awhile actually have business cards to exchange so that when we all part company, we can continue the communication and maybe plan for the time when we will cross paths. In our case, being newbies to “the road”, Sharon was busy writing out little pieces of lined tablet paper with our blog address and contact information. She now has writer’s cramp.

And before I forget, one of our highlights was the opportunity to meet and have ice cream with Becky of Interstellar Orchard. We follow and subscribe to her blog and it was a treat to get to rendevous with her over an ice cream cone. She is a solo woman on the road pulling a Casita around the country.

So that’s it. There’s so much more I could write about and so many photos I could post. I COULD, but I won’t. I’m tired, and as I write this we are in Congress, Arizona. The Bayfield Bunch territory.

Oh, and there is one more thing that we experienced EVERY evening. Those uniquely beautiful Arizona sunsets. WOOHOO!

Quartzite Sunset


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  1. Ingrid says:

    The social aspect to Q is the best part of visiting… that and the desert sky. Those desert sunsets are the best. Glad you had a fabulous time.

  2. Furry Gnome says:

    Nice to find your blog (via Al’s). The Quartzite experience is something else!

  3. Janna says:

    You are also in our territory–we live in North Ranch and would love for you to stop by–we are camped near Quartzsite but should return on Sunday or Monday.

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