Getting Ready to Head Home

We’re winding up our time here at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction and getting ready to head home on Monday. We’ve seen some things, and done some things. Only one thing left. To watch Peyton Manning beat the Carolina Panthers tomorrow.  🙂

We’ve been out for nearly a month, and could not be happier with this particular winter trip. We’ve tried to document our travels here, but it’s hard to convey in writing the really good feelings and memories that we have. Certainly our time in Quartzite and the relationships we established there, stand out as the best of the best of good times. Who woulda thought?

As followers of this blog are aware, we are not full-timers as yet. Still got stuff to get rid of at home. So, our game plan is to get back and schedule a yard sale or two before heading out again. Of course, there are other things to be done as well; doctor appointments, taxes, etc. And I’m also finishing up a 1966 Mustang restoration project prior to offering it for sale. Also, the motorhome will require some attention. Nothing major. But we DID have the heater core spring a leak in Lake Havasu on the way to Quartzite. We by-passed the in-dash heater as a quick fix. But we will be visiting our local radiator shop at home to get a new heater core or whatever is needed before getting back on the road.

They say that one sign of a good road trip is the anxiousness one feels to get back out on the road. That’s where we’re at. We are not even home yet, and we can hardly wait to get back out on the road.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready to Head Home

  1. Ingrid says:

    We spent the night at the Apache Junction Elks and never tire of that amazing view of the Superstitions. We head to the north end of the valley tomorrow to watch the super bowl with our children. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Safe travels home and Go Broncos!

  2. Sue says:

    Sorry we missed you at Catalina SP! We left there the day you arrived (even though we had one day left in our reservation) because we heard about the coming weather and wanted to be at our next stop before it arrived! At any rate, you survived the storm and enjoyed one of our very favorite parks. Safe travels.

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