Quartzite Revisited

We were in Quartzite last month for the Outside Our Bubble blog’s “Get Together 2016” in conjunction with the “Big RV Show”. Since then, we have been to Wickenburg, Congress, Prescott, Casa Grande, Picacho State Park, Catalina State Park, Apache Junction, and this morning, left Lost Dutchman State Park after 5 days there.

This afternoon, we arrived back at Quartzite for an overnight stay prior to crossing into California for the final leg of our trip back home in Apple Valley. What a difference once the Big Show is over and done. Oh, there are still plenty of people and rigs wintering here. But it’s not the same. Not sure what I expected, but it’s just different…and weird. Even our pizza tonight at Silly Al’s was not the same. It was the same choice and size, but somehow not quite as good. And being the day AFTER the Super Bowl, we asked if the place was jam packed yesterday for the game. They have a sports bar and multiple screens as part of the restuarant. The manager said, “You know, we had a large crowd but it was kinda typical of this time of year. Not necessarily because of the Super Bowl”. And a customer overhearing us said “What game?” I think he may have been kidding, but maybe  not.

We’re staying at Quail Run RV Park, one of a few choices in Quartzite. We could have boondocked on BLM land, but we wanted full hook-ups. And we were hoping for television. Since we have not ordered our satellite dish and receiver, waiting until we get home, we have been relying on over-the-air signals using our antenna. For the most part, we have had good  to adequate reception in the places we have been on this trip. But not in Quartzite. No signal, nada, zip. And I cannot figure out why. It’s a big valley, and we can actually see antennas on the mountain top toward Phoenix. Maybe they are not television signal repeater antennas. Maybe something else. But it blows me away that Quartzite does not get coverage. And I have asked. I’m told “no signal”, which is what my flat panel is telling me as well. Everybody has satellite…except us. But THAT is about to change as soon as we get home. 🙂Tailgater

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