We’re not Hoarders – Really We’re Not


We have been “home” now for a little over a month, having spent early January until the first week of February over in Southern Arizona. This was our third trip out on the road since last September. Two 30 day trips and one 2 week trip.

Each time out impressed upon us more and more, the necessity of getting more serious about cutting the cord between a sticks and bricks existence at “home” and a full-time RV life. So, this time getting home we have put the pedal to the metal, so to speak.

For those of you who have gone through this, you know. But for the rest of you, do you know how much “stuff” one couple can collect over a period of 35 years? Well, we didn’t. But we’re surely finding out.

I’ve often said, and I’ve said it here, make a plan and work the plan. So, our plan is to have as many yard sales as it takes, as soon as we are ready. We hope to be “ready” sometime in April. April 1st would be ideal, but I’m starting to see that weekend slipping away. But not for lack of effort. We have been diligently going from room-to-room, agreeing not to move on to the next room until everything in each room has been categorized as either “Yard Sale”, “Keep” “Donate” or “Trash”. I cannot tell you how many times our two 70 gallon trash bins have been filled and hauled away.

The first room that was emptied, one of three bedrooms, has become a staging area for “Yard Sale” stuff, all priced for quick sale we hope. The dining room and table has become Yard Sale staging area #2. We still have the master bedroom, family room, living room, the kitchen and the garage to go. Actually, it’s not as bad as it seems. We’ve made some progress in each of the remaining rooms as well. It’s hard to stick to a strategy of only going room-by-room.

And let’s discuss shredding of documents and papers. We’ve been saving “important” documents for 35 years. It’s amazing how UN-important these documents have become all these years later. But in this day and age, it’s prudent if not paranoid to shred anything you would not want in the hands of others. So, sitting on the living room floor shredding documents while watching TV has become the new normal. Slowly but surely, file cabinets are becoming empty.

Although we would love to unload everything we put out for a yard sale, we don’t really expect that to happen. So our plan is to have a first one, and then have another one or two on subsequent weekends, re-pricing as necessary. If, after three yard sales, things have not sold, they will convert to “Donate” or “Trash”. We have no time for sentiment.

Then, there are the Craigslist or Ebay items. Since starting preparations for this our Great Escape, we have had good luck selling items on one or both of these sites. We still have a couple of vehicles, a trailer, a motorcycle and small equipment left from the winding up of our business to sell.

So…anybody need a brass bell door knocker? How ’bout a hardly ever used Nordic Track treadmill? Cheap!

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5 Responses to We’re not Hoarders – Really We’re Not

  1. We already did what you are doing over five years ago when we sold our home. Now we continue to go through it again with the apartment so that we can enjoy the Fulltime Lifestyle. We’ve been selling quite a few things on Kijiji (Canadian Craigslist) but what we don’t sell and will no longer keep we donate.
    Your early April date might just be that early as lots of people prefer the warmer springtime temps. You might want to keep the garage sales two weeks apart giving yourselves time to regroup and then send the usable STUFF to the charitable organizations rather than the landfill.
    Looking forward to reading about your downsizing then Fulltiming Adventures. Who knows our paths may even cross down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Thank you Richard. Your tips will come in handy. BTW, some things WILL be donated.

  2. Dawn in Mi says:

    It’s hard work for sure. I have a hard time letting go even when I want the end goal of freedom.

  3. sunrisesandsunsets says:

    Thanks Dave. Sometimes we just look at each other and ask “are we really making any progress?” But we know we are. We just gotta keep on keep’n on. 🙂

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