Beating the Yard Sale Drum

We are scheduled to have our first yard sale this weekend. I am NOT excited. I should be, but I’m not. I’m good at logistics and planning. Dealing with the bargain hunting public, not so much. Even though I may be good at planning for an event such as a yard sale, I’m never quite ready enough. In my mind, there’s always something yet to be done. Something unfinished.

That’s why it’s good that I have Sharon as a partner. Her attitude is nearly always positive with a bit of “C’est la vie” thrown in.  Such is life. Oh ya, and “This too will pass”. I can hardly wait for it…to pass.

I’ve mentioned to her that maybe we should have the yard sale next weekend rather than THIS weekend. Her one word reply is “Why?”. I hate it when she does that. I try to explain that we are “not ready”. Then, she plays dirty. “Sweetheart, we will never be ready enough (for you), but we ARE ready”. When it starts with “Sweetheart”, that means get the cart and start moving things out into the driveway.

Those of you who are already living the full-time lifestyle have already been through this. My friend Dave, who commented in my last post, talks about these things as being “part of the journey” and that we’re “making memories”. Maybe eventually, but right now I’m not feeling it.

I’m still thinking next weekend might be better than this weekend. But then I look at the calendar. June 30th, our “be out date”, is not THAT far away. And we most certainly will likely need more than one yard sale. So, my goose is cooked. This weekend it will be. Despite my better(?) judgement. After all, I’m a renowned planner. I can plan and plan, and plan.

And I could go on and on about this, but I have to get to Lowe’s to pickup some sawhorses. Grrrr…


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  1. Dawn in MI says:

    Breath. It will be fine. And if it isn’t, just donate all the stuff to some organization and move on. This too shall pass… LOL.

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