Notice Given

When our lease was up on the house we are presently living in,  by mutual agreement, we converted to a month-to-month rental arrangment that included a 90 day notice provision by either party. On April 1st, notice was given that we will be out by June 30th.

We’ve been actively planning for our Great Escape for well over the past two years or so. And even though we have REALLY accelerated our planning for what to do with our stuff, and have made great progress, there’s no denying that we’re antsy about the fact that June 30th will be here before we know it.

So, the pressure is on. Even so, we think we’re ready. Not only from an on-the-road point of view, but also from the more immediate requirement of reducing our possessions that WON’T be going with us in the motorhome, which is most of our stuff.

We have quite a few items on Craigslist. And several on EBay. And then some items on a industry related forum for the few remaining business items we had. So far, so good. We’re actually sending stuff to new homes and building our nest egg.

We also have reserved some storage space. We know that the object is to keep storage rental to a minimum, if not non-existent. But the reality is that there will come a time when we will no longer be on the road. And there will be some minimal number of items we will want to keep and have available when that day comes.

Another thing that occurs to us is how our three road trips since last September are figuring into the scheme of things. As a reminder, the month of September was spent over in Colorado, and then a bit of Utah and Arizona. November included time in Anza-Borrego, and then over to Yuma, an area of Arizona we had not previously visited. And then in January, we went over to Quartzite for our first “Big Show”, and further east to Wickenburg, Prescott, Casa Grande, Tucson and Apache Junction.

That’s a fair amount of traveling which included a considerable amount of boondocking. Without necessarily planning it, these trips served as a perfect set of shakedown cruises prior to our upcoming Great Escape. Our solar worked perfectly, as did the other improvements we had made. There were a few things needing looking into, one of which was thought to be a heater core problem. I pulled the heater core when we got home and took it to “Charlie”, our local radiator genius. He tested it and proclaimed there was nothing wrong with it. Turned out to be a loose hose connection making it look like a leaking heater core.

In conclusion of this post, I guess we are counting the days at this point.  But we certainly won’t be idle. Still have some yard sales coming up, and some things to sell that may not be conducive to yard sale bargain hunting. But one things for sure. Sometime in early July, we’ll be heading north “on the road”. It will be too hot here in Southern California to head in any other direction. Stay tuned.

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6 Responses to Notice Given

  1. Dawn in MI says:

    That’s so exciting!

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      I think I need a yard sale or two under my belt before it becomes “exciting”. Right now my thoughts are “what if it doesn’t sell” and “why did we let that go so cheaply?”.

  2. Pam Wright says:

    Congratulations on setting a permanent departure day! It will be nice to know you have no time limit in front of you. Travel can slow down and stays can be lengthened to really enjoy new areas with time to just live.

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      It’s gonna be REALLY weird when we leave our rented home for the last time, and we literally climb into our new “residence” on wheels.

  3. sunrisesandsunsets says:

    Assuming we don’t reschedule it, this weekend will be our first yard sale. It’s bizarre walking thru the house seeing zillions of things, all with prices on them.

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