Every once in awhile, I find myself drifting over to EBay just to check out motorhomes that are listed there. I really know next to nothing about the Monaco brand of coach. And when it comes to the various models offered by Monaco, I know even less. But I know what I like when I see it. And I’ve decided that temptation is a Monaco Diplomat.

Why? I haven’t a clue. Maybe it’s because they always look nice, regardless of year. And they seem to have creature comforts that are of interest to me compared to what I’m used to in our beloved but aged Bounder. AND, they are affordable. At least used ones can be; say one that is 10 years or so past new.

So why am I even looking? Now THAT is a very good question. We’re really not in the market. We have a perfectly good Class A “coach” which, aside from its age, is almost new in every other respect. Only 40,000 miles on the odometer. Remodeled interior, new tires, new coil spring front suspension replacing the air bags, new starting and auxiliary batteries, solar charging, new 200o watt inverter, new 4-phase converter with smart technology, new flat panel TV’s and, most recently, satellite TV via DISH. And, most important, it suits us.

Except for the bathroom and shower. We don’t have much of either. When I’m tempted to look at other, newer coaches, the first thing I look at is the shower. I guess as the years went by, the manufacturers of these land yachts started thinking about larger bath and shower areas because most have them. Some even separate the two. Ours is more along the lines of a broom closet. A small broom closet.

And, in spite of problems that we have heard of more than a few times, a slide-out or two, or three, would be nice. And then there is the washer/dryer combo. And the list goes on. Levelers, rear camera, driver side door, etc., etc.

Of course, at some point temptation gets trumped by reality. Our motorhome is paid for. If we upgraded to another, newer coach, we’d likely finance a portion of the purchase. While that’s not a deal killer, it is an expense we don’t need to have. At least for the time being. There’s something wonderfully satisfying and “freeing” about NOT having monthly payments.

Nevertheless, we decided to take a day trip to a dealer not far from us, whose inventory we had been viewing on EBay. Temptation never rests.

We might have resisted had it not been that on this same day, when we thought we might have a recurring problem with the air conditioning on our Bounder, we received a call telling us the AC was fine but we had a leaking water pump on the engine. To replace a water pump in a motorhome is very labor intensive. Yikes.

Upgrading to a newer coach was not going to change anything. We would still have to replace the pump. But maybe a few hours “looking” would be good for the soul or something. So off we went. OMG, what an experience.

And, we’ll tell you about it in our next post.  Also, just to let you know, we had a great yard sale. We’ll be filling you in about that in an upcoming post as well. And it’s good that it was successful, cause I have a water pump to replace.

Happy Trails!


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2 Responses to Temptation

  1. Ingrid says:

    Boy, can I relate. I’ve been looking at MH’s online lately but thankfully I love my 5th wheel floor plan and haven’t seen anything ‘yet’ that I’m willing to spend my money on. Ah, but that temptation….

  2. Dawn in Mi says:

    We need to know what happened! I didn’t even know there were RVs at Ebay. I look a lot too…though it will be years if ever that I buy one, given husband wants no part in that lifestyle. Sigh. But the temptation…. 🙂

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