OMG – We WERE 26. Now we’re 16.

OMG! We have completely lost our minds. If you have been following our blog and our “Preparing for a Full-time RV Lifestyle”, you know that we are now down to our last seven days before going full-time. And you have followed along as we spent the last many many months downsizing. We’ve sold vehicles and held garage sales. and now, as I write this, we are literally sitting in an almost empty house. Just one or two trips to our storage unit or dumpster and we’re ready for a final carpet and house cleaning prior to turning over the keys.

And most importantly, you have followed our time and money spent in installing solar and other equipment and otherwise remodeling our low mileage vintage Bounder, which we have owned since new and purchased 26 years ago.

Everything, it seems, is coming together after a long time in the planning. We’re down to the wire. Dim the lights. It’s nearly “showtime”.

So why were we down in San Diego yesterday, a drive of about 2 hours one way?

A few posts back, I wrote about “temptation” as it relates to our inclination to be looking at other motorhomes, specifically either a new to us Holiday Rambler or Monaco. Almost anything would be “new to us” since ours is a 1990 Bounder. Here’s a pic as a reminder…

Part of Circle 2

It’s the one on the left.  ? Click on photo to enlarge. Pretty good looking old girl huh? Previously, I’ve mentioned how pristine and well-equipped it is for full-timing AND boondocking. It’s absolutely in great shape, mechanically and otherwise. So why the “temptation”?

Obviously, we’ve been struggling. We’re pretty sure that, with a full-time RV lifestyle, we are going to want/need more space. Both inside and outside the rig. And we were wanting something that was a bit more upscale with more amenities. That caused us to gravitate toward older but “new to us” Holiday Ramblers or a Monaco, among others.

Even so, we kept asking ourselves “why are we doing this?”. And why at this time? Don’t we have enough on our plate? And yet, we kept looking.  And doing online research while simultaneously communicating with sellers. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve sent messages to sellers asking “is your coach still available?”.

After all the research that we had done, we were pretty certain of what we wanted in a new to us coach. Very specific things, including two slides, a real shower, a double door refrigerator/freezer with ice maker, space for a future washer/dryer,  upscale decor throughout, and a quality and shiny exterior with excellent graphics that were not faded or sunbaked.  And, we were convinced that IF we acquired a newer motorhome it would be either a Monaco or a Holiday Rambler.

Then we saw this … Click to enlarge.

Driver Side View_Slide OutIt’s a 2000 Pace Arrow Vision. And yesterday, we drove the two hours down to San Diego to take a look at it. It had everything we were looking for inside and out. Nearly new as to condition with only 44,000 miles. Really, really well cared for. And we negotiated an unbelievable price. We could not have been happier after spending considerable time going over it with a critical eye, and then taking it out for a drive. By last night at about 8:30 p.m., it was in our driveway not too far from our Bounder which, sadly, will be offered for sale shortly. We love our Bounder, but it’s time for it to have a new home…just like us. 🙂


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