See, this is the problem. You get so tied up with “preparing for the full-time RV lifestyle”, that there’s no time for blogging about what you’ve been doing to “prepare”. Next thing you know, it’s T-Minus 20 days to full-time status, prepared or not, ready or not.

As I write this, we are into the second and final day of the LAST yard sale we will EVER have. Never say nEVER? I’m saying nEVER! This is our second yard sale in the last month. The first one was a huge success. And this one has been successful so far. But you never get rid of everything. And, in our case, whatever does not find a home by this afternoon is heading to one of two churches…or to the dumpster. One thing is for sure, none of it will be returning to the house, the garage, or our storage facility.

Speaking of the house and garage, both are nearly empty at this point. For the past two months, we’ve either sold stuff, or stored stuff, or tossed stuff. We’re essentially down to our bed, two recliners, the TV, the washer & dryer, and the refrigerator.

And speaking of selling stuff, as has been mentioned previously, we have had a gaggle of vehicles to get rid of, including two Mazda Miatas, a Honda Civic, a Ford Expedition and a car trailer. So far, we’re keeping our Honda Goldwing motorcycle. And the Miatas sold a few months ago.

The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. We advertised the Honda Civic on Craigslist. Almost immediately, we sold it to Sharon’s bible study leader for her daughter away at college. When they came to look at it, they brought their adult son. He bought the car trailer. We explained that we needed the trailer until the end of June. He said “no problem” and paid for it. He’ll pick it up when we’re done with it.

We have a dear friend from the local Methodist church helping us with the yard sale. This morning, her daughter brought her to drop her off. Five minutes earlier, I had put a For Sale sign on the Expedition and parked it so yard sale attendees would be sure to see it. Our friend’s daughter, knowing they needed a dependable truck or SUV, asked her mother why she had not bought it earlier. Her mom replied “because they didn’t have it for sale”, which was true. Her daughter asked me a few questions and said “take the for sale sign off of it, it’s sold”. And she immediately paid for it. Even though we need IT until the end of the month. Sold in less than five minutes.

Everything above was written yesterday. Now it’s today, Sunday. The yard sale ended yesterday. It WAS a success. And afterward, it got even better.

Previously, I had threatened that whatever was going out for the yard sale was never to return into the house, the garage or our storage unit. During the day Saturday, we made the decision to donate everything to the local Methodist church. Our friend, the one who bought the Expedition, arranged for her son to bring his truck and trailer after the yard sale had concluded. He does this kind of thing for a living. He’s an excellent packer. And pack he did. Although we sold A LOT of stuff, we had a lot to get rid of. Imagine 35 years of materialism in your driveway…a long driveway.

Anyway, within about an hour and a half after the yard sale, everything was gone. Poof. All gone. I cannot adequately relay to you how freeing it is after over a year of downsizing, to FINALLY look at a nearly empty house with T-Minus less than 20 days and counting.



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