Day 1

It was years in the planning, months in implementation, and weeks of really hard work. WAY BEYOND what we imagined. Particularly, when the weeks turned into the final days. Through it all, we wondered if we were paying for our sins, cast up as 35 years of materialism needing to be exorcised.

But as is always the case in life, time marches on and the “day” for which you have been planning and working toward finally arrives, ready or not. Today is that day. Day 1 as a full-time RVer.

As mentioned in our last episode, we went bonkers and bought another motorhome. Everyone has TWO motorhomes, right? Well, WE do. And it certainly wasn’t part of the plan. At least not now. Of course we don’t intend to keep two motorhomes. We will be putting our beloved Bounder up for sale in the very near future. We have a friend who may have an interest. But if she doesn’t take it, it will be posted on RV Trader.

Aside from the fact that we spent time and money completely upgrading our Bounder, as has been documented in past blog posts, the reality is that it just was not going to be big enough for full-timing. Our extended trips last fall and winter kind of proved that. But if those trips were not enough, what we have packed into our new-to-us Pace Arrow Vision leading to Day 1 is WAY beyond what we would have gotten into the Bounder. Of course, we already know there will be further downsizing while on the road. But between selling things, donating things, trashing things or storing things, we still had a bunch of “must have” stuff that had to be with us on the road. Or, at least that was our thinking as we headed out today to Jojoba Hills SKP (Escapee) Park, just outside of Temecula, California. We will be staying here for the next month, in part so that I can have what I hope is minor foot surgery at the Loma Linda VA hospital in July.

I’ll be posting regarding Jojoba Hills soon. A lot of fellow full-timing bloggers have stayed here. Most really like it. I’m sure we will as well. Stay tuned.

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