Downsizing – Not quite there yet

As mentioned the other day, we packed a lot of “must have” stuff into our Pace Arrow Vision 36B just prior to heading out last Friday as full-timers. So, yesterday, today and probably for the next few days, we have been going through boxes and storage containers throughout the coach in an effort to separate reality from “must have”. Sharon is working on the interior, while I am concentrating on the basement compartments. This is but one photo example.

Basement Organizing 2When we pulled out of the Apple Valley driveway for the last time, EVERY basement storage compartment was full AND we had major clutter going on inside the coach. Obviously, for the long haul, this is not going to work for very long. And so, we’ve begun downsizing once again. Does it ever end? In any event, now is the time while we’re here parked for the month of July and somewhat near our storage unit in the Hinterior clutter 2igh Desert.

The good news is that since I began this post, we now have two basement storage units completely empty with more to follow, and the interior is SO free of clutter that we actually had dinner at the dinette table pictured at left.

The other day, I actually was giving thought to changing the “Preparing for a Fulltime RV Lifestyle” byline associated with this blog since we are now officially full-timing it. Maybe we’re still in the “preparing” stage after all. 🙂

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