Leaving Jojoba

Originally written on July 29th.

After 28 days here at Jojoba Hills, we finally had to pull up the levelers and get back on the road. So, yesterday was moving day. Although we DO have a planned destination for about a month from now, we have one more stop to make before leaving the Los Angeles area. Sharon’s dad, who is 95, lives in a community about 10 miles from downtown L.A. Since we plan to be gone for some time before returning to the area, we ventured into the land of freeways and loons to set up camp for a couple of days with a 36 foot coach parked in a 38 foot driveway. Woohoo!!

We will have fond memories of Jojoba Hills. We enjoyed our stay, met a lot of RVng folks and made some new friends. The amenities in the community are outstanding and, although we were there for a month, we still did not take advantage of all that was there. Nevertheless, we DID make daily use of the pool. An easy choice when temperatures are hovering around 100 degrees or more everyday that we were there.

And although we were tempted and encouraged by many members, we did not put ourselves on “The List”. The list is a waiting list of those intending to acquire a lot at Jojoba Hills. Although you don’t actually own it, you will have a lease for as long as you want, with a unique feature. When you relinquish the lot back to the membership, you get your money back . Whatever you paid for it, is what you get back. So, at least your principal is protected. Not a bad deal.

During the “season”, the list grows and waiting times can be as long as a year or more. Right now, there are about 30 folks on the list, and waiting times are running around 3-6 months. We took the official tour during our stay, which is required before buying in, and as attractive as this community would be as a home base, we are just starting into this full-time thing and feel that we’re not ready to make any “base” decisions right now. But we WILL be back.

While staying at Jojoba, we were often asked where we would be headed when we left. Our standard answer was “we’re not sure, but it will almost certainly be to somewhere cooler.” We would go on to say “probably north toward the Oregon coast.” However, upon reflection, this particular time of the year, end of July, would have us mixing it up with families still on vacation EVERYWHERE, and most assuredly along the Oregon coast. So, we came up with another plan which we will detail in a future post. But here is a clue…

GNPIn the meantime, we overnighted in Pico Rivera, California in Sharon’s dad’s driveway, ran some errands for him and generally hung out. On Saturday morning Sharon made a wonderful blueberry pancake and bacon breakfast for her dad and his wife Carol, and me too. We invited them “over to our house”, which they had not seen.

Realizing that they were in good hands with a number of relatives to help out with shopping and upcoming trips to the doctor, we decided to get on the road once again. So, Saturday evening we drove up out of the L.A. Basin to Palmdale/Lancaster in the High Desert about 80 miles away..We stayed at our first Walmart in Lancaster, Ca. These days, for almost any topic, you will find that “there is an app for that”. One of the apps we found at allstays.com lists details for every Walmart, listed state-by-state, providing information as to whether you can park there overnight, along with experiences of others who have actually stayed…or not. Although there were several Walmarts in the area, not all allowed overnight stays. This one did, and we found it by using the Allstays “Walmarts”app that we found.


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