Heading to Newport

Eventually, we had to put Winchester Bay in our rearview mirror (camera) and continue heading north, but not before a few parting photos…



This one is of a carved bench in the RV park that overlooks the marina. Somebody went to a lot of artful work for which we are appreciative…





Bogie wanted to say goodbye to a friend he made.





And, as we were hooking up the toad (tow’d), we looked out on the river and there were Mary, Jerry and Larry in their boat starting yet another day of crabbing.


Next stop, Newport, Oregon. We would be staying at South Beach State Park. Our friends, Denise and Mike are camp hosting there. Along the way, we took a few photos.



Here’s one of the coast on the way between Winchester Bay and Newport…






and another view that includes some chick that keeps following us…





And, although this photo was shot in the rain and is not very good, it is of Heceta Lighthouse. Click to enlarge.

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