Sutherlin, Oregon – Playing in the Rain

I’m still finishing up a post regarding our last two weeks on Whidbey Island up near the San Juan Islands in Washington. In an area so scenic, it is easy to take lots of photos, and we certainly did. So many, that it has become a challenge to decide on which ones will make it to the blog, and which ones won’t. Combining this with poor wifi that makes it difficult to transfer photos and…well the dog ate my homework, and that’s why my Whidbey-Part II post isn’t ready.

In the meantime, we moved south to central Oregon. We decided that there were just too many storms lined up and heading for northern Washington. By heading south, we thought we might find fairer weather. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. We’ve been here for 4 days and it has been raining off and on the whole time. Sometimes, raining as hard as any that we have experienced further north.

The plan is to see the Oregon coast. But the coast has had bad weather as well. Nevertheless, we will be heading west to the coast tomorrow. It’s become a question of whether we want to be in central Oregon in the rain, or on the Oregon Coast in the rain. The Coast won.

Even so, we have developed good feelings about this area of Oregon near Roseburg. It’s beautiful here and, in spite of present rainy conditions, the year-round climate is fairly moderate. We’ve driven the area extensively in the short time we have been here and it has a lot to offer as a base while traveling and then when it’s time to get off the road. There is an Escapees park here that we might have a more than casual interest in. We’ve checked it out and are very impressed. Who knows?

Today, after getting a little rain-related cabin fever, we went for a drive. Guess what we found? How ’bout this wonderful covered bridge…..


We had picked up some brochures and other information, one brochure of which was “Covered Bridges” in the area. Time permitting, we had planned on scouting out a couple but it seemed the closest one was some distance away. So, imagine our surprise when we rounded a corner not looking for anything in particular and drove right up to this bridge.



Here’s a close-up shot… click to enlarge.



Also quite close to where we were camped at the Timber Valley Escapees Park was the historic town of Oakland, originally founded in the 1850s. What we liked about Oakland is that it is fairly untouched by commercialism and touristy things, almost appearing as it might have 150 years ago. Here are a few photos…

















While visiting this historic town, we discovered a real old time soda fountain as part of Tolly’s Restaurant. What a beautiful place, complete with Victorian furnishings in a formal dining room and full bar in addition to the soda fountain. We could not deny ourselves having a couple of hot fudge sundaes.


It’s hard to believe we did all this in one day while playing in the rain. In all, we spent four days in this area of Oregon and grew fond of all that it has to offer. In addition to a thriving winery industry with vineyards and tasting rooms covering a wide area, the region is centrally located between the Coast and the Cascades. Crater Lake is about an hour and a half to the east, Bend, Oregon is about two hours to the northeast, and the Oregon Coast, is about an hour away. One thing is for sure. We’ll be back.


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6 Responses to Sutherlin, Oregon – Playing in the Rain

  1. Dawn in Mi says:

    Really interesting and pretty part of the country. I bet covered bridges are like lighthouses…you want to find them all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. diane says:

    Every state has beauty, but I’m just a bit partial to Oregon. It’ s my state. I’m glad you both are enjoying your visit and that the rain has not deterred you. Brookings probably has the best weather in all of Oregon.
    Looking forward to seeing y’all at Ooberfest.

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Ya, we made it to the coast. Three days in Winchester Bay overlooking the Marina. Thanks to a few new friends here, we’ve been educated in the art of crabbing. Had one hour “old” Dungeness Crab for dinner. OMG. Heading north from here, then out the Columbia Gorge toward Utah.

  3. sunrisesandsunsets says:

    Thank you Dalena. What a pleasant surprise that you found our blog. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our blog. And say hi to the FedEx man.

  4. Denise Tomczak says:

    We spent three nights in the same spot in late August – the weather was better then, but the beauty of the area shines through the rain, I am sure.

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