Unbelievably, that is our average cost PER DAY for “lodging” for the month of November 2016. Since starting on the road as “full-timers” on July 1st of this year, as each month passes, we have done a bit of fine tuning pertaining to our monthly expenditures. But November camping expenses were over the top in terms of money saved. So, how did we do it?

Well, we certainly didn’t start the month very well. The first three days and nights were at a full hook-up RV park at a daily rate of $34.00. Not good if you’re trying to pinch pennies. But then, we grabbed two nights in two different approved Wal-Mart parking lots. I say “approved” because not all Wal-Marts will allow overnight parking. Usually, it is not Wal-Mart that will not allow you to overnight there, it’s the city or town in which the Wal-Mart is located. Fortunately, we have an Allstays app that pertains exclusively to Wal-Marts throughout the U.S. It indicates which ones allow overnighting and which ones don’t, along with user feedback.

Anyway, beyond staying at a couple of Wal-Marts, we then stayed in a BLM Campground for 7 days at a cost of $6.00 per day with our federal Senior Pass. Then, expecting to only stay 1 day, we checked into an RV park. But, instead of paying the winter rate of $30 per day for full hook-ups and free wifi, we agreed to help the park managers rake Fall leaves. In exchange for helping out, we were allowed to stay for free. We stayed 7 days. And then for the final 10 days of November, we are camped at another BLM campground at a cost of $7.50 per day.

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