Gambling on the Weather in Northern Utah

We’re nearing the end of our two weeks at Flaming Gorge, and we decided to stay put to let a storm pass through the area. At 6500 feet elevation, we knew it might snow but we’re gambling that whatever we get will be gone within a day once the weather clears. Our “gamble” is based on local knowledge.




Nevertheless, we went from this…




To this…………………………………………………      in a matter of hours during the night. The forecast is for the storm to pass late this evening. Then, with clearing skies, it will get colder. Our hope is that the coming sunny sky will melt everything, including any ice on the road south which will be at a much lower elevation.

In the meantime, the slides are out with all of the window shades up. The furnace is on, and with a warm cup of hot chocolate, all is well with our world. We are truly blessed.

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  1. sunrisesandsunsets says:

    Ya, the thought has occurred to us. 🙂 It is SO beautiful here, and we have had such a wonderful time, it’s kind of hard to finally say “we gotta go, winter comes quickly here”.

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