It’s Christmas

We’re having a white Christmas here in St. George, Utah…sort of. Not much on the ground where we are, but the hills and red rocks in the area are  covered. We’re planning to visit Zion before leaving this area and heading south, but we’ll probably give the weather a day or two to allow for some snow melt. The forecast is for sunny skies for the next week or so, although it will be muy frio.

Not necessarily having anything to do with Christmas, I’ve read other blogs recently in which those who are doing the writing and posting are wondering if it’s worth all the time it takes. I have to admit that I have had similar thoughts. In fact, I’ve kind of backed off in posting of late. Since leaving Moab several weeks ago, and then staying in Capital Reef for a short time, I have not had the motivation to describe our travels,  and the things we have seen and done. Maybe I’ll do it yet, but not right now. Maybe it IS a holiday thing.

Now back to the fact that today is Christmas, the Christian celebration of our Savior’s birth. Although this truly IS the “reason for the season”, I have a tendency to get bummed  this time of year for no apparent reason. It’s not the gifts that I didn’t get. I lack for nothing. And it’s not for lack of blessings. WE have been very blessed this year.

So what is it? I don’t have an answer, but it may be family related. In my case, I essentially have no family. On the in-law side, although there IS family, getting together was always the same, as if everyone was just paying lip service to being “family” and “close” even though during the rest of the year, such was not the case so much. In that regard, it was easy to get on the road as full-timers. As a couple, along with our dog Bogie, WE are family.

Maybe my bummedness has to do with my being SO turned off by the commercialization of Christmas. OMG! When did we become SO caught up in the mad rush to go into debt each year in an effort to buy gifts? And then, because someone you may have only seen last Christmas may buy you something, you are obligated to buy them something. And sometimes, this triggers a need to buy for the entire family. God forbid we should leave anyone out. I know this alone has caused me to buy fewer and fewer gifts each year, my resentment is so great. And it’s not because I’m selfish. I’m not.

Maybe it’s a geezer thing. Maybe as we get older, things we tolerated in the past are replaced with “I don’t have to do this anymore”. Does this make me a brat… a geezer brat?

Utah is a “dry” state…sort of. Although typical retail stores can only sell booze with a ridiculous what’s the point alcohol content, there are “State” Liquor Stores in abundance. So, to my way of thinking, this has less to do with Mormon religion practice and more to do with “control”. And a revenue grab by the state. In any event, in my bummedness, I found myself standing in front of a seemingly unlimited number of brands of Tequila in my local “State” store. Although I found myself staring, with an inclination to possibly buy something, it occurred to me that I don’t even drink Tequila. I hardly drink at all.

Ultimately, I left the State Liquor Store with a Stella Artois six-pack of beer. Maybe “Stella” will get me through the day. With a 5% alcohol content, fat chance. Bah humbug! Tomorrow’s another day.

Oh, I almost forgot. Merry Christmas!

There, I’m feeling better already.


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2 Responses to It’s Christmas

  1. You are not alone in what you call the Bummedness with the Holidays. The so called experts claim that this is the time of year with the highest rate of Suicide due to depression. What brings it on is people can’t separate the True meaning of the Holiday and the Commercialism, causing themselves to permanently say Good Night. Not pleasant to talk about but a fact of life.
    Over the last few years we have been lowering our Christmas Budget. Since we went Fulltime this past April it really shrank and will continue to do so until it becomes strictly a verbal acknowledgement.
    Enough of the Bah Humbug lets be thankful for the right reasons.
    We wish You and your Family a Safe and Merry Christmas.

    It’s about time.

  2. Jerry Arnold says:

    Maybe this might help, a number of years ago some members of our family agreed to not exchange gifts at Christmas, but to give to a charity of one’s choosing with a limit of a $50.oo donation in the recipients name. So far, our being family, we pretty much know what one anothers likes or dislikes are, however, we have come across some incredible small organizations that are so deserving. The “gift exchange” is a Christmas card and usually a copy of the web page for which the donation was made. Works for old geezers like me who already have too much stuff, plus if we need it, I would of bought it. We still buy gifts for children and young adults.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful and adventurous New Year!

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