Divine Intervention

Sometimes, destinations are not planned. Sometimes, you just get a feeling that you ought to go there. Such was the case as we were heading east, with a “kind of” plan to visit Albuquerque, and then head north toward Santa Fe. Before even getting to the Arizona/New Mexico border, we found ourselves heading south from Holbrook, Arizona toward the town of Show Low. We had been to Show Low many years ago. Actually, that’s not true. We had been THROUGH Show Low. I’m not even sure if we stopped there. But we did remember how beautiful it was in that area of Arizona.

At the time of our decision to drop off the interstate at Holbrook and head south, we were thinking it might be nice to revisit Show Low and the area along the Mogollon Rim with the intent of getting a better understanding of the area and what it had to offer.

As usual, we were not sure where we would stay once we got there, but we planned to search Campendium once again once we got into the area. Although there were many options, we stumbled upon Fools Hollow Lake State Park. I say “stumbled” because we actually saw a sign for the park BEFORE searching Campendium. Once we read the reviews submitted by users that had stayed there, we felt we were being directed to the park and pretty much ignored the other possibilities that were listed for camping or staying in an RV Park.

We drove in to the park without reservations and were told that although Fool Hollow was EXTREMELY popular most of the time, they did have a few sites available. With us not having a clue about the park or particular sites, the Ranger assigned us to Cinnamon Teal Loop, Site #19. As we found out later, this is one of the park’s most desirable campsites. And it was available.

This is a view from our campsite, which included a concrete pad and patio, fire pit, picnic table, water and electric. All roads are paved, and the park includes multiple boat ramps and fishing docks, hiking trails, showers and spectacular views of the countryside. We felt truly blessed to have found, or were lead, to this park.


Independent of our travel plans, Bogie, our Silkie Terrier, had been having breathing issues since traveling at elevations which had been above 6,000 feet for the past few weeks. As we were heading toward Show Low, Bogie began to get worse, becoming lethargic and going off feed. Because Bogie is at least 12 or 13 years old, we were thinking the worst and seriously considered the possibility that we might lose him. After feeling somewhat helpless as to what to do, we finally searched for veterinarians in the area. One in particular was also the closest. Even so, we hesitated. Admittedly, cost was a factor. Taking a sick animal into a vet kind of creates a license to steal. And, besides, we don’t know THIS veterinarian office from any other. So, we procrastinated and otherwise struggled to make a decision. Then, we talked to one of the park rangers who suggested Alta Sierra Veterinary Hospital. He said “they’re the best”. And then added “and they are the closest”. This was the same veterinarian hospital that had nearly jumped off the page in our online searching, even though there were several to pick from.

We walked into the vet’s office without an appointment. The staff listened to Bogie’s symptoms and quickly assigned us to Dr. Lorakate Snyder, one of their veterinarians. She quickly ascertained that Bogie has a heart murmur that she could hear with her stethiscope. She recommended an x-ray.

The x-ray revealed that because of his age, Bogie had a complication of factors contributing to a build-up of fluids in his lungs, all of which were being made worse by elevations of 6,000-7,000 feet. Show Low is at an elevation of 6,330 feet. She prescribed several medications relating to Bogie’s liver and heart, some of which he will need to take for life, literally and figuratively. She said that he should start seeing improvement almost immediately.

Within 24 hours we noticed some improvement and after another 36 hours he seemed almost back to normal. As this is written, he continues to improve. Breathing is normal, temperature and blood pressure is normal, and his energy level is high. We pray this continues and, although we are not religious fanatics, we truly feel we have experienced divine intervention leading us to Show Low.

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2 Responses to Divine Intervention

  1. Mush says:

    So glad to hear Bogie is doing better! Got concerned for a bit.

  2. diane says:

    Happy for the 3 of you that Bogie is doing better. That’s just scary being on the road with an unknown problem. So Happy Trails now.

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