Friends Amongst Us

The following post is being posted belatedly and out of chronological order to our travels. I inadvertantly recently posted “Standing On the Corner” instead of this post and have been unable to figure out whether I can rearrange posts once published.


Although we really enjoyed our week spent at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park in Williams, particularly with all the amenities that it offered INCLUDING a 50% discount for the entire week using our Passport America membership, we are finding that we really enjoy boondocking, also known as dispersed camping.

And, although there are several websites that one can use to research and find all manner of RV camping spots and RV parks, we tend to use a site known as Campendium almost exclusively. So, using Campendium, we found an excellent  boondocking spot close to Williams in a area of forests, mountains and plains. Campsites were available in the woods or, as we chose, out on the open prairie with trees and a vast view in all directions.

Although initially unplanned, we were ultimately joined by two other couples that we originally met in Quartzsite. One couple, Zack and RayeAnne were ending a stay in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, while the other couple, Jeff and Susan were on the western side of the Sierras in California visiting relatives, a distance of over 500 miles.

All it took was this photo and a note saying “wish you were here” and, as soon as they could, they were here. And, yes, that is the moon rising just before sunset.

First, there were two of us, and the next day there were four of us. Although it took an additional day, the folks from California arrived and then there were six of us reunited once again.

Zack and RayeAnne, our friends in the photo below, are from Nova Scotia and will soon be heading north to cross back into Canada via Montana. Unfortunately, although we had a great time together, including trips to downtown Williams for pizza, breakfasts and wandering through shops, as quickly as our group camp began, it was over. But, as short as our time was together, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves taking walks, bike rides, exploring, drinking wine around numerous campfires, and otherwise collecting memories.


One of our “trips” was a day trip to the Grand Canyon. We couldn’t believe this was our second visit in one week. As we drove over to the Visitor Center, and then walked out to Mather Point, we spied this fellow (click to enlarge). At first, I thought it was a Raven. Not so. It was a California Condor, tagged number “80” for tracking purposes.

If you could not tell that it was a Condor while it was perched, you certainly realized what it was when it launched and flew overhead riding the thermals along the Canyon rim. With a wingspan of about 7 feet, it was NOT a Raven.

Speaking of exploring, not far from our camp, hidden way back in the woods, we came upon this cabin on one of our jeep trail drives.

The particular tree in this photo is the only one of its species in this area. And it was huge. The cabin was intentionally built to take advantage of the branches and substantial trunk of the tree, as can be seen by the interior photo below.




We just love coming across gems of history such as this cabin, and cannot help but wonder who built it, and when. What was their life like? So many questions.


Alas, after our week of boondocking together, it was time to part once again. Our Canadian friends  headed off to Moab and then north to cross into Canada so as not to overstay their visa, while Jeff and Susan were aiming for Four Corners and possibly Moab to catch up with Zack and Rayeanne. As for us, we were headed east.


But, as usual, our plans are cast in jello, not sure where the road would take us. For now, it’s time to say goodbye. Maybe the “sisterhood” will get together again in the future. Stay tuned.

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