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How about a “Foto Friday”? Since we have been on the road, I cannot even count the number of photos we have taken, many of which don’t make it into blog posts due to space considerations. So, maybe we’ll occasionally post random photos as posts of their own.

First and foremost is a photo of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. What is significant about this photo for us personally, is that it was taken by me to mark my successful completion of this “moderate” hike which, although only 3 miles roundtrip, is fairly steep going and coming. Believe me, although seeing the arch firsthand is worth it, many people who attempted the hike on the day we went, did not complete it. The other significance is that you will notice that there are no other people in the photo. This is extremely rare without being at the Arch either at sunrise or at sunset, as most serious photographers will be. This photo was taken midday, at a time when hundreds of folks were in the immediate area. In fact, just moments before this photo was taken, a junior high school gaggle of students and teachers formed up for a group shot under the arch. Just after they were finished, and seconds before others could get into the field of view, I shot the photo.

The next photo is of a mural on the wall backing up the indoor pool and spa at Sky Ute Casino and Resort in Ignacio, Colorado. The pool and spa was one of the amenities we had available to us while staying in the Resort’s RV Park. The mural is actually much larger than the photo shows, extending both right and left probably twice in length of what is shown. The mural depicts a Southern Ute “hunting” party as it crosses a meandering river at the bottom of a valley ringed by mountains. The mural was constructed from actual photos.

The photo below is of a metal building that we came across while out driving the various county roads surrounding Durango, Colorado, something we really enjoy doing.

The building intrigued us and, frankly, has got us thinking about a combination RV garage and small apartment. So much so, that we are in contact with the owner who is providing us particulars regarding this 1800 sq. ft. structure. The photo doesn’t do it justice. The slanting roof with a southern exposure, is perfect for a solar installation, and the height of the building would provide a spacious loft area. Who knows?



This next photo is of one of the several “goosenecks” that are encompassed by Goosenecks State Park, located between Bluff, Utah and Monument Valley.


One of the places we visited was Petrified Forest National Park in northern Arizona, a park that was separately the subject of  one of our recent blog posts. Outside the northern entrance to the park, is a small memorial to the original path of “Old Route 66” as it passed through the area. This relic is on permanent display along with other memorabilia, including a vintage Cadillac grill marking the memorials entrance.

And speaking of Route 66, we have consistently come across preserved examples of the unique and distinctive forms of commerce that travelers experienced all along the “Mother Road”. This photo is of a portion of the Wigwam Motel. The motel consists of concrete “Teepees”, each of which served as a motel room. Although not shown in this photo, the motel’s “office” is actually a vintage gas station situated up front “on the boulevarde”. Back in the day, outside the “office”, as well outside of each “room”, one might find the latest makes and models of automobiles traveling the highway. Today, examples of those same vintage cars are parked in the same places. To see it in person is like opening a time capsule.


When you are on the road, you meet a lot of other nomads. This photo is of a lovely couple we met while at a roadside rest stop in Utah. Pastor John, a former postmaster in several areas of Washington state now, along with his wife, form a pastoral team that travels to small towns throughout the west filling in until the particular community finds a permanent pastor. Their most recent pastoral duties were completed after 23 months. Now they are on the road again awaiting their next assignment.

This is a current photo of one of our first and still favorite fishing spots in Colorado. It is Haviland Lake, part of a state park north of Durango. We have camped and fished there on many occasions. It does not have large fish, just pan size. But the sheer beauty of the surrounding bluffs, aspens and wildlife is awe inspiring. You eventually don’t care if you catch anything. You just kick back and take it all in, your cares and concerns fading fast.

We still cannot get out of our heads how beautiful it was on the day we drove over Molas Pass recently. We have probably driven over this pass 50 times over the last 30 years during different seasons, and we still marvel. Part of the “Million Dollar Highway”, this Pass is 11,000 feet in elevation. Those mountains in the photo are near or above 14,ooo feet.



Sometimes, the most pretty flowers grow in the least expected places. Maybe there is a message there. This flower was growing next to a petrified log in a most arid area in Petrified Forest N.P.

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