First to Quartzsite…Still Here

Just as last year, it’s hard to believe that “The Big RV Show” has come and gone almost two weeks ago and we’re still in Quartzsite. But unlike last year,  we are using “Q” as a base while we commute into California for a series of medical appointments, leaving the motorhome in our favorite RV park. Our Ooberfest event concluded nearly two weeks ago as well, with most attendees moving on while a few of us continued our boondocking on BLM land for a week or so thereafter. These are others with whom we have established relationships over the last year or two. But ultimately, everyone EXCEPT  us had moved on. Had it not been for our appointments, we too would have moved either eastward or northward.



Zack and Rayeanne





Bev and Glenn




Bev, Rayeanne, Kathy and Gregg

Another reason for hanging out in the Quartzsite area has to do with Quigley, our new puppy. We have been determined to complete the series of puppy shots necessary before leaving the area. Even so, we have been traveling to Lake Havasu City every week for three weeks in order to complete the process. Yesterday, he received his Rabies vaccine. We have one more trip next week. I’m wondering if things have changed because we certainly don’t remember this being so complicated and expensive in the past with our other doggies. Veterinarians certainly seem to have a license to steal these days. Just as an example, imagine our shock and outrage when finding out that the vet charges for a ‘wellness” exam with each shot, even though our visits are a week apart.

Seriously??? Is this guy worth it?

All of this has interfered with our original plans which included our intent to travel south from here to Los Algodones, Mexico just south of Yuma where we were going to check into dental services there. With the puppy, we have to have all his shots completed so that he can go with us. Right now, that is not in the cards. Maybe next year.

While camping with our friends, there is a lot of exchanging of recipes and such. Particularly as relates to Insta Pots and the like. Ours is not a Insta Pot, but is a competitor product from Go Wise that has similar features and does pretty much the same thing. These are the combo pressure/slow cookers that seem to be so popular.

One tip that we picked up on was to toss spare ribs into the pot with apple juice to be pressure cooked prior to tossing on the grill to be slathered with BBQ sauce. What resulted was the best fall-off-the-bone BBQ’d ribs we’ve ever had this side of Kansas City. OMG Yum! Yum!

When we finally DO leave here around March 1st, where will we be heading? THAT is certainly a good question that we have been asking ourselves. It certainly will be getting warmer here, so that we will be motivated to go SOMEWHERE cooler. But we’re also motivated to explore new areas where we have not been. Maybe to south Texas where our friends Robin and Larry have invited us to their “spread” between San Antonio and Houston. Or Maybe over into New Mexico from Silver City northward to Santa Fe and then up into central Colorado, weather permitting. Heck, we’ve even discussed heading all the way along the Gulf Coast from south Texas to Florida. Our only real commitment is to be in the area of the Tetons in Wyoming sometime around June 1st. Not sure if trekking all the way from Florida back to northwestern Wyoming makes a lot of sense for people on fixed incomes. We’ll see.

Oh, lest we forget, another “Q” sunset. Nearly a nightly occurrence.


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6 Responses to First to Quartzsite…Still Here

  1. Steve St.Martin says:

    You guys are still all there? Please tell Zack if he wants some help with his refrigerator to let me know about 3 weeks in advance and I will ask for 2 days off and I will drive to Palm Springs and give him a hand.

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Hi Steve! It was great visiting with you and Julie again this year. Unfortunately, we did not get a photo of the two of you. I think Zack and Rayeanne are monitoring our blog so they should see your comment and contact you.

  2. If you want cooler temperatures just stay where you are. Tomorrow’s high is only 70 ten dipping into the mid 60s after that. Night time lows getting cold enough to maybe run the Heater. Also expecting some Rain this week. They didn’t get any last summer.
    We’ve been in La Posa South since the beginning of December and are not looking forward to going home early. Give us a shout and maybe we can get together for a visit.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Howdy! Actually, we’ve been threatening to come out there to look you up. We read your latest blog post and think we know where you are. We’re at Quail Run until the first week of March. Ya, the weather has cooled down. Love it. Won’t even mind the rain if it happens.

  3. Dave says:

    Looks like you had (or are having) another fun winter in Q, sorry we missed you guys this year.

  4. Denise Tomczak says:

    Sounds like you are living the dream – with normal life considerations, of course. I’m happy for you and a bit envious. Mike and I did not get that far to be complete vagabonds, but I am still a camp host vagabond, and enjoying it very much! I’m in Carlsbad right now through the end of April

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