OMG! We Bought An RV Park

Well, not QUITE an RV Park. Let’s just say we bought an improved property with multiple FULL HOOK-UP sites installed. Plus we have a “Kool Cover” for our motorhome, along with built-in Casita and storage shed. Let me explain.

The property is very similar to many sites we saw while staying in Yuma. But, although we don’t mind short visits to Yuma, we could never get excited by the idea of owning property there.

This winter was our third winter spent in Quartzsite, Arizona. And for the life of us, we seem to have fallen in love with the place. Each year, we arrive earlier and earlier, and stay later and later into the season. I cannot tell you how many messages we have received from fellow travelers who have met us here who say “You’re still there???” long after THEY have moved on to other places. And we soon will own property here. How crazy is THAT? To many, it WILL seem “crazy”. And there will be no convincing otherwise. But to us, there are enough reasons that it makes sense, we had to go with it.

We actually ran across a different property last year that we gave serious thought to for most of the year after leaving Quartzsite. It was even more of an RV Park. More spaces, plus a park model house, apt. and a garage.  Then it was off the market.  Then this year, it was back on the market. We contacted the seller. We even had most of a deal put together. But we just couldn’t pull the trigger. Before we could make up our mind, it sold.

We’ve been here so long that we’re starting to befriend some of the locals. One such couple turned us on to another property. Although we did a drive by, we just could not get a warm and fuzzy feeling about it. However, while driving through the neighborhood, we found a property that we did like and better suited what we had in mind. It was a “For Sale by Owner”. The “Owner” was on the premises, spending the winter from Washington. He’s owned it for 10 years and has loved owning it for most of that time. But a few years ago, he lost his wife. He has too many memories that they shared on the property and had decided he should sell it. Within an hour, we had struck a handshake deal. And today, we went into escrow.

Without getting too deep in the weeds, here are a few reasons we like Quartzsite, NOT necessarily in order of importance. One is affordability. Real estate here is cheap, and properties are selling because of the relatively low cost to acquire combined with the improving economy.  Another reason is proximity to Southern California where we are still “connected” family-wise, business-wise and healthcare-wise. Quartzsite is just across the border, where gas is a dollar cheaper per gallon than in California and we are just 3 hours away from where we occasionally need to be near Los Angeles. Likewise, San Diego is about the same time and distance away. Additionally, this area is a great jumping off place for the other areas of Arizona. The Colorado River is in close proximity. We can be kayaking on a beautiful portion of the Colorado River north of Parker within an hour, and be at Lake Havasu in an hour and 15 minutes. Phoenix is 125 miles. Los Algodonas for very inexpensive quality dental is about the same distance , not to mention medicines and eye care.

But, most importantly is the weather. For five months out of the year, it just can’t be beat. 65-75 degree days, cool evenings and spectacular sunsets. The other 7 months or more will be spent traveling.

One of the things we have found is that there is actually a community here of fellow travelers who have established many events and activities attractive to us geezers. As just one example, Sharon has joined the local Gem and Mineral club which includes a lapidary shop, a metal and jewelry shop and a selection of craft-related classes. She is currently in a weekly indian basket weaving class that she just loves, not only for the instruction but for the opportunity of meeting and getting to know other women, men and couples. For me, there is a local radio control airplane club complete with runway, bike paths and trails, and having a base for a few months a year to work on projects that are presently in storage.

We certainly understand that Quartzsite is not for everyone. We know that. For us, it’s going to be a winter base for several months each year. As for our “RV Park”, space is limited. Get your reservations in early. Our rates cannot be beat. 😀

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14 Responses to OMG! We Bought An RV Park

  1. Pat Adamo says:


    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Thank you Pat. Sorry about the loss of your mom. Say hi to Pat. How are the puppies? Not puppies anymore.

  2. Dawn in Michigan says:

    I’m excited for you! If I was traveling I’d put in my reservation for next winter right now!

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Thank you Dawn! You’ve been a loyal subscriber. For whatever reason, I have trouble getting my comments posted on your blog. Undoubtedly it’s me.

  3. Steve St.Martin says:

    Hi guys so are you still in Quartzsite? I’m coming there for a week starting yheb19thbto have solar installed. Let me know we’re your at.

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      What’s that date again? Have you been drinking that a stuff in the turpentine can again?

      • Steve St .Martin says:

        I’m going to be coming to Quartzsite the 19th of this month the solar is going to be installed the 22th I’m going to get a spot at Shady lane RV park.

        • sunrisesandsunsets says:

          We will be at Quail Run RV Park during those dates. Look us up when you get in.

  4. Dave & Diane says:

    We are happy for you, congrats. No-one else has to get it as long as you do. But let me be the 1st to say,,,, you ARE crazy and it has nothing to do with buying dirt in Q lol! Just joking of course.

  5. Mush says:

    Congratulations 🍷

  6. DENISE Tomczak says:

    OMG! What exciting and interesting news! Congratulations!

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Thank you Denise! It’s certainly not Carlsbad, although it IS all beach. 🙂

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