Northbound at Last

We finally left Quartzsite during the first week in May. That is WAY too long to still be in that area. Temperatures really start rising. It was forecasted to be 106 degrees on the day we left. If you had told us that we would still be there into May, we would have laughed. But then, if you had told us that we would have bought a winter place there in March, we would have just looked at you funny. But we did, and that is at least part of the reason for staying beyond the typical Quartzsite “season”.

Sharon made a two week trip over to California to visit her 97 year old dad and otherwise take care of things related to his wellfare, leaving me alone with Quigley. But that was okay because there were things to do. I wanted to get started on building an additional shed. The property already has a really nice one adjacent to our patio but another one will be needed to contain some of our remaining “stuff” that remains in storage over in California. This shed will be a barn-like 10×12 foot structure with a Gambrel roof. I wanted to at least get the floor framing, sheathing and skids finished before leaving. Although we purchased the lumber to complete the framing of the walls, we decided to store that portion until Fall when we return. The Casita on the property is very well built and insulated such that it stays relatively cool even when temperatures climb. As for the portion I DID complete, hopefully it will survive the summer.

Another project that I was able to complete was to refinish our kitchen drawers and cabinets below the countertop in the motorhome. Lots of block sanding, staining and finishing up with a satin polyurethane coating or two.

Ultimately though, Sharon returned from California and we set about packing up for our slow roll northbound toward the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone where we will be camp hosting for the summer.

As this is being written, we have just wrapped up our stay in Williams, Arizona. Suffice it to say, it was much cooler in Williams than in Quartzsite. Williams is a quirky little town that primarily services the many tourists visiting the Grand Canyon. It has Route 66 roots as well, having been a main stop for those traveling west on the “Mother Road” back in the day. The town has kind of grown on us over the last few years. With each visit, we try to venture out and about in an effort to better appreciate the area. While boondocking just a couple miles out of town at one of our favorite spots, we managed to get in a few more road trips. One such trip was to take the Jeep to the top of Bill Williams Mountain which sits immediately south of the town. At 9,100 feet, the 360 degree views were beyond belief. This particular photo is looking out toward Sedona.

And, of course, we had to take in at least one of the breweries in town, the Historic Barrel & Bottle House. She had the Oceanfront Property, an Arizona Lager using a Mexican recipe, while I had the Farmers Tan, a Pale Wheat Ale.

Although summer has not arrived as yet, there are quite a few folks in town, many of whom are here to visit and/or ride the train to the Grand Canyon.

As we continue northbound, we will continue to spend time in Northern Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. Then, maybe over to Colorado.

Who knows? Such is the life of the nomadic traveler. Stay tuned.

This sunset photo taken from our boondock site just outside of Williams, Arizona.

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3 Responses to Northbound at Last

  1. Laura says:

    Yay! Glad to hear you guys are finally on the road. Where are you camp hosting near Yellowstone/Grand Teton? We are thinking we might try to visit that area in late July, but we have no reservations and are planning on just trying to get into one of the first come /first served campgrounds. I have a feeling that might be tough considering everyone and their mother wants to visit there at the same time, but there seem to be several options, plus lots of boondocking spots, so we are hopeful it will work out. Anyway, if we do end up there, and we’re somewhere close by, maybe we can meet up for a dinner or something!

    • sunrisesandsunsets says:

      Hi Laura! Falls Campground, Highway 26 about 30 miles east up the mountain from Moran Junction. Elevation is 8500 feet so it makes for a comfortable summer. The area is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Although a popular campground, it’s away from the HUGE crowds of the National Parks. First come, first serve. Two loops, A & B. Loop A has ELECTRICAL. $20 a night for you young’ns. $10 for us geezers. You may want to be closer to the Parks, but we commuted to Jackson Lake for kayaking several times while staying at Falls last summer.

      • Laura says:

        Ok, I see you on the map. I was looking at Gros Ventre Campground which does look to be closer to the park, but it’s also very popular, so I’m gonna have a bunch of alternative options figured out. So, I’ll add this one to our list and we can just play it by ear and see how things work out. I figure even if we end up in a Walmart parking lot, a Walmart parking lot in that area of the country is probably more beautiful than my old neighborhood. 🙂

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