Now in our third year on the road as full-timers, we certainly have become aware and experienced in casting plans in “jello” , meaning don’t make firm plans that will almost be guaranteed to need changing, whenever and for whatever reason. Be flexible in your planning.

Having completed four months as camp hosts in Wyoming’s north country (northwest to be specific), we had made a “plan” to meander down to, and through Colorado, maybe toward Colorado Springs and then west to Pikes Peak and Cripple Creek. After that, who knows, ultimately making our way further west to familiar camping in the Silverton, Ouray and Ridgeway areas. After all, we still had at least a month to wander around before making a serious beeline south to Quartzsite for the winter. Getting there too early would mean it might be still a bit warm.

Then we got the call. Sharon’s dad, whose about to turn 98, was in need of some medical attention and the possibility of a biopsy. Due to circumstances, doctor appointments had to be made, and it became important and necessary that she be there. “There” being in Los Angeles.

As things turned out, the appointments were scheduled for October 8th and 9th. We were leaving our campground gig on October 1st. Not a lot of time to get back to our “Rancho de Deserto” property in Quartzsite, Arizona and get settled in before Sharon would head over to L.A. for a week, the first of what we think will be every other week for a while.

As I write this, we are in full “Jello” mode. I’m in “Q”, and Sharon is in L.A. , having driven over yesterday; a distance of about 240 miles. Not too bad, and at least one of the reasons we bought Arizona property only 16 miles outside of California . First doctor appointment is today. But before she left for her dad’s house, we had one other “plan” to accomplish.

Earlier this year, when Sharon made a week-long trip to her dad’s, it dawned on us that we only had one vehicle other than the motorhome. As a consequence, I was confined to Quartzsite. Banking is in Blythe, shopping is in Parker, and serious shopping was further away in Lake Havasu; all of which are too far for me to ride my bicycle to.

No sooner had we found our way down Interstate 15 from northern Utah to Las Vegas on our way to Quartzsite, when our online research suggested that we would be driving east of Phoenix within a day or two after arriving, to check out a truck.

As I mentioned, we are in full “Jello” mode. Sharon is in L.A., but I have a “Rancho de Deserto” truck to be used for local travel. Isn’t she cute?  Well… at least one of us has their priorities straight. And it probably isn’t me. 🙂