A Few Parting Shots

Wow! Where has the summer gone? As I write this, we’re down to our final 9 days of hosting at Falls Campground, a 54 site national forest campground in northwestern Wyoming. Soon enough, we will be heading south. But today, I thought I would post a few  parting photo “shots”.

The first is of our view from the campground where we have been hosting all summer. The Rocky outcrop in the photo is known as the Pinnacles, and is between the Wind River Range and the Absaroka Mountains. I know, being here hosting is a tough job. But somebody has to do it. BTW, Yellowstone is directly behind  this range. What a spectacular area. We’ve been truly blessed to live and work here for the summer.

If one were to leave the campground and drive across the highway, there is a forest road that takes you to Brooks Lake. Earlier this summer, we took this photo of the area around this very scenic lake, an area that also served as one of the winter scenes in the movie “The Mountain Men”. While hosting, we had many hikers, mountain bikers, and dual-purpose motorcyclists stay in our campground who were either heading north or south following the Continental Divide Trail that extends from Mexico to Canada. The trail passes through this area.


Without doubt, one of our favorite places are the Grand Tetons. Being about a 30 minute drive from our campground, we visited the Tetons several times throughout our summer here. Although we had many days when these magnificent peaks were hardly visible due to the numerous fires from Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada, we got lucky about a week ago when smoke had been erased by rain and, afterward, we had a cloudless sky.


In keeping with our penchant for chasing sunrises and sunsets, we would be remiss if we did not post at least one magnificent sky as a parting “shot”. Hmmm… is it a sunrise or a sunset?


These are just a few of the hundreds of photos that we took over this past summer. We hope you enjoy these and say to yourself  “I need to go there” or, even though you may have been here previously, you want to come back.




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  1. We only got to spend a couple weeks in that region, but would love to spend a whole summer there. I’m especially jealous that you were able to see everything when the smoke cleared. That definitely had an impact on our experience. What a spectacular place. Safe travels!

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