Halftime in Quartzsite

No, I’m not referring to the Superbowl. That’s tomorrow. And, although I think Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in the history of the game, I’m rooting for the Rams. They have had a good year and I think they can beat the Patriots. We’ll see.

But when I say “halftime” in Quartzsite, I’m referring to the fact that we’re about halfway thru our stay here at our winter base. We pulled in in early October, and we will pull out sometime around mid-to-late April. Depends on temperatures here. Late April can be in the 90s here. But you wouldn’t know it based on the weather we have had here so far since October. Fair amount of rain considering we’re in the freek’n desert. And cool temperatures. Of course, no where near what others north and east have been experiencing. I mean minus 20 degrees or more? Without the wind chill factor? Yikes!! I should not complain. And, really, I’m not. It may be cooler than normal here, but it’s still in the 60s and 70s during the day.

For those not familiar with the area, Quartzsite is about 16 miles from the California border which is to the west. About 85 miles to the south is Yuma, Az. Lots and lots of shopping and things to do in Yuma. Los Algodonas, Mexico is a suburb of Yuma. Many folks go there for great dental work. To the north is Parker, Az. Not as much in Parker but it has a Walmart. Further north is Lake Havasu. GREAT for shopping , eating, and it’s water oriented. Parker is about 35 miles. Havasu is about 75 miles. Phoenix is to the east about 140 miles. Phoenix has EVERYTHING . Including people.

The Big RV Show here is over. It was last week. This event brings in hundreds of thousands of Rvers, most of whom boondock around the area on BLM land. Many are still here, as are the vendors that setup in conjunction with the show and then stay on for another month or more depending on customers that are still here.

As for us, we have had a whole series of adventures. Some planned. Some unplanned. The surgery for Sharon was planned. It took place at the end of December. The complications were unplanned. Basically, after years dealing with a Hiatal hernia at the lower end of her esophagus, it was finally in need of repair. The opening had become too large and, combined with the vacuum created by the abdomen, her stomach was significantly sucked into her esophagus. Not good, but fairly straightforward involving five orthoscopic incisions for instruments and a camera. Unfortunately, there have been lots of digestive issues since, including a 200 mile trip back to the surgery unit ER. Today is a good day, but there have been many bad days. Recovery is 5-6 weeks. We’re about there.

Today is the Parker 425 off-road race. Many different classes of vehicles and drivers from all over the country. This is a BIG event among the off-road racing community.

Thursday, we watched a portion of the Time Trials for today’s race. Yikes! These Trucks are powerful.

As for projects around the Rancho de Deserto, the two-story shed is weather tight at last. Just a few tweaks here and there and the ordering and installation of the metal roof components…and a door…and trim pieces…and…

It won’t be long now before we will be emptying out our storage unit over in California, saving about $250 per month. Yep! Everything is expensive in California.

We also have a new bathroom which was added inside the Casita. When you live most of the time in a motorhome, having a complete bathroom that includes a tub and shower is wonderful. Thank you to our Canadian friends Zack and Rayeanne for going WAY over and above helping. Most of the work was done by Zack who is a VERY skilled builder.

Actually, the bathroom was constructed in anticipation of one of our other “adventures”. Sharon’s 98 year old father was going to be living with us for a time and it became necessary to have a bathroom because he is beyond being able to climb in and out of a motorhome. The Casita was to be a perfect ground level apartment for him. He had fallen recently and after a stay in a post-acute care center, he was brought to our place here with the idea of time-will-tell as to how long he would be staying with us. Unfortunately, after only 10 days or so, his health had deteriorated significantly, and continues to deteriorate, such that he is back in California at a 24/7 board and care facility.

It’s been a couple of months since my last post. This will kind of bring things up to date. We’ve made too many trips to California recently to count, between surgery and dad issues. For the moment at least, we might have a chance to relax. Tomorrow we will venture across the street to our neighbors to watch the Superbowl. Go Rams!!

3 thoughts on “Halftime in Quartzsite”

  1. Good to hear from you and that you’re enjoying your Quartzsite property. Sorry to hear of Sharon’s health issues, hang in there. Our prayers for your dad.
    We hope we can visit with you in the big Q but we’re slow to move west. We’ll be spending next week on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This will be the last time we’ll be this far east for a couple of years we hope. All our best. Jeff & Susan

  2. You’ve definitely been keeping yourselves busy and not all of it was fun and games. Hoping the remainder of this winter in Quartzsite will be better for all of you.
    Nice to be able to finally meet up and share some stories.
    Be safe and Enjoy the game.

    It’s about time.

  3. Good to hear your update. Hugs to Sharon for smooth full recovery from surgery.

    Im back at South Beach State Park through April. I have continued to share my experiences in the original blog http://www.mikeanddenise.blogspot.com and would direct you to the very last post – a two year milestone which is a bridge into my new WordPress blog with bite sized posts. Here is the link: http://www.TravelingSoloButNotAlone.wordpress.com. I hope you will read the first post, “Life Re-Entry” and follow if you like:).

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